Friday, October 5, 2012

Voting your preferences

It is that time of the Olympic season. The season of the US presidential election. Where bitter friends become combative associates. Folks who couldn't spell democrats and republicans two weeks ago are now so well informed that their opinion is truth. If you're plugged in to the ether of social media reality. They will let you know their gospel of opinioal  truth every chance they get.

I understand that political leanings are more skewed than the leaning tower pf Pisa. I get that there are deep root family ties to parties. I know that when looking through the forest of 24 news channels, blogs, talk radio, social media and neighbors is tough.

To me I have noticed a true lack of logic in the modern American political loop. The US is great, don't want to go anywhere else. Would be happy if it could stay the way it is. I'd prefer it be more like it was say circa 1993. That way we could have kept Cobain and provided a better musical front to stop the ushering in of the millennium boy bands. That is a different issue for a different day. However at some point in this countries evolution it has become a two party system of powerful, elitist, self-righteous millionaires, making laws and not having to answer to anyone. Or feeling as though they are bless to be representing this nation. Instead they act as though this nation should be blessed by their representation.

I don't blame these fake smiles for feeling that way. The nation has let them become that and we treat them as such. So the fact that the two parties are vastly different yet eerily similar. The baton keeps going back and forth between two groups that have their own agenda. An agenda not being set by the people giving them power.

The disconnect in this logic loop for me is this. I meet very few people the agree more than 70% with either party. The true preference of most folks I street poll is an approach of a balance. YET... YET no one I know (other then a couple nut bars looking to embodied US rhetoric) would and do vote third party. I get lambasted for voting third party. I vote third party even if I dig a mainstream candidate. I got verbally assaulted for saying that if you're undecided vote for someone who matches your ideals or vote third party.

I feel as though the two major parties are failing this nation. They have dug in the heals to the point where nothing is getting done. They are hindering progress to spite each other. Instead of working hard towards a better tomorrow for the benefit of mankind. That is no way to lead, that is not a way to help yourself, your party or your employers.

I recommend and endorse mixing it up by voting out any incumbent and putting in a third party guy. Third party candidates don't have to answer to big political machines. They agenda's are steeped in marketing campaigns and voter polls. They're more interested in listing to their district and trying to prove themselves so they can keep doing good.

-Joe Nickels