My Experience

Over the course of my professional career I have been an approachable and professional manager in the restaurant and retail industry. Reached many sales goals both daily and monthly through team work and customer focused service. Built many relationships on honesty, co-operation and trust
Gained direct and indirect marketing skills gain through years of working in brokered broadcast radio. Gained interactive marketing systems from mom and pop business to fortune 500 companies.
For the last 4 years I have been taping and performing nonlinear editing for audio and video.

Who I am and What I Do.

Transaction Manager and Licensed Texas Realtor                                                            
Lifestyles Realty, INC  Houston, TX
      Performed comparative market analysis, and profitability ratios on prospective investment properties.
      Conducted Commercial Apartment business valuation and analysis.
      Toured and showed properties to clients/ customers to for both personal and investment needs.
      Kept other team members schedules, transactions and analysis on schedule.
      Issued letters of intent, and submitted offers using promulgated forms from professional organizations.
      Created internal procedures to increase client satisfactions and achieve greater efficiency.
      EPA certified for lead based paint inspection. and to train on lead base paint remediation.

Programs Utilized:Microsoft Office Suite,Google docs; Calculator; Multiple Listing Service,

Post Production Supervisor and Media Engineer                                                   
Lifestyles Unlimited, INC  Houston, TX
      Design, execute and processed  video and audio for websites, direct sales and marketing purposes
      Directed live switched board recordings and simulcasts of seminars.
      Principle photographer for off-site recordings.
      Helped design social media based campaign to increase market share and customer loyalty.
      Wrote, voiced, and edited commercial copy for programs and program sponsors.

Programs Utilized:Audio vaults, Scott's Audio system, Sony: Sound Forge and Vegas, Adobe: Premier, Adobe: Photoshop, and Apple: Final Cut Express

Executive Producer and Production Manager                                                                
Steven Kay Media, LLC ,Houston, TX
      Logged, tracked and processed commercials and syndication of  programming.
      Scheduled, organized, show guest and ideas. This helped create engaging programming.
      Executed the ideas and plans from the sales department in an inviting interactive manner.
      Conducted live broadcasts with seamless mixture of live elements.
      Recorded and produced a weekly programs, syndicated in major markets

Programs Utilized:Microsoft Office Suite,Google docs Audio vault , Scott's Audio system, Sony: Sound Forge

Equinox Fitness Club, Inc , Chicago, IL
      Provided direct customer service to the public.
      Trained new employees on company policy, procedure and quarterly inventory.
      Lead the charge and worked on internal systems to aide in loss prevention.
      Responsible for morning deposits and the nightly balancing of registers.
      Created systems for better operations and customer service practices. This helped raise sales by 10%.
      Managed a rotating volume staff of 10 to 25 employees depending on day and time.

Programs Utilized:Microsoft Office Suite: Microsoft Excel; Microsoft Power Point; Microsoft Word

Thomas Edison State College , Trenton, NJ                Illinois Center for Broadcasting, Lombard, IL
April 2009 – June 2012                                                    June 2005-2007
Bachelors of Science:                                                       Certification: Radio and Television, Broadcast
International Business Administration