Monday, October 29, 2012

To The Fighters of Foo: Farewell and Thanks for All The Memories

Foo Fighters why are you toying with me?

I have just found out that my favorite current band is taking an indefinite hiatus. This band swept in right when rock n’ roll music needed it. They didn’t hit the world with a large splash but worked themselves up to a solid following based on good music and silly wigs. When their debut album came out the other bands that where the brightest of stars are now forgotten or just waiting for Time life to call and ask if they’d like to be part of the 90’s limbo period of rock.

This band is the Foo Fighters. Spear headed by little Davey Ghrol.  I would like to say that I am hurt and sadden by this news. IN part because a band that has put out an album roughly every two years, and helped give me hope after uprooting my life to purse my dream of being a curmudgeon. They have not broken up but are not together either.

To me this Ross and Rachel attitude towards being a band is more insulting to the fans than the guys in it.  If it’s over, let it be over till you do your reunion tour in 5 years and do a 25 year farewell tour. Don’t make me feel like there is hope when there really isn’t any…. Oh wait little Davy Grohl is an Obama supporter…..
For certain bands there is a need for a hiatus. I think it did the society wonders when the Black Eye Peas took a hiatus. What I don’t get is why? The Foo Fighters much like Wilco have been okay with band members going off, doing solo stuff, touring with that stuff and then coming back. Write an awesome album, tour the world and eat a danish. Dave Grhol has ran off and done almost as many side projects and failed albums as actual Foo Fighter albums and projects.  So why? Why not just make a clean split. Are you afraid that you awesome melody section will find Buda, and become to smooth?

I think this toying of emotions is just mean. Break up guys. Come back later on and do it all over again. We’ll be here. Your fans will welcome you back. Like I said Kiss has been saying good bye since right after they wrote a love ballad with Michael Bolton.  I think them leaving is make them more money than if they would have stayed.

I don’t want you to leave, but this half in the house half out the door stuff has to go. Hell Foo Fighters. You don’t even need to tell me you’re going on hiatus or breaking up. Just say as a band you’re going to get a carton of milk and a pack of smokes. Just say you’ll smell me later. Don’t tell me I’m special and that you need time to think. Because you know what, I don’t need time to think. I need you to do an awesome song in which your three guitars are each tune differently and fight to find a harmonic rhythm while doing soft verse, loud chorus, softer verse loud chorus, bridge loud chorus soft verse loud chorus. That’s all I need, aA little drop D. I can’t any more….

Call me... you might not be Pokemon'... but I've collected you all..

Joe Nickels

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