Friday, October 19, 2012

Shortly After Getting the Prize for Peace... He declared war on Achievment

I was rocking out to some AM talk radio the other day. The host ( Laura Ingram, I think. Or maybe it was Hannity. Eh they'll all the same)... The host was interviewing Donald "The Donald" Trump, steak and birther spokesman. they were chatting/ ranting about the debates and the Democrats in general.

Mr. Trump did hit on something I noticed as well. When our Demander in Chief is out sanding down the campaign stump he keeps talking about "what he'll do". He does hammer the point of how there is so much more for him to do. I'd like to point out that no one is saying that President Barry Obama has wrapped anything up. Well that he didn't wrap anything up that a coked up Bob Clinton or drunk Billy Carter wouldn't have done. Sober or in a crazy "Mr Bro's the President, bro.. so yea let's do this" hazy moment.

He is currently the President and it doesn't look like congress is getting a good flushing. so it'd be virtually the same congress. So why isn't he just doing it? If he has some great voodoo that'll put together those bridges he set fire to. Why doesn't he? Five and half years ago when he started campaigning in for his first term, there was a lot of "When I'm in there", "Once we make it", "After I'm..." and then he was. He got elected. He got 66,862,039 of the 125,181,481 votes for the Republican and Democratic votes cast. That means he got a great 53% of the popular vote. He was more likes than a war hero by 5%.  He came in more popular than a guest host of SNL and Daily Show token Republican with a congress where there Democrats were large and voting present.

Understanding the Electoral College

I would have understood if he came in with low popularity with a combative other party congress. He didn't and didn't do that much with it. Even his love child Obamacare got rushed through and was a battler. Also depending on who you ask, Obamacare is such an authentic knock off of what Rommeny did as Governor the street importers in China town are jealous they didn't have time to sell it. The cash for clunkers program was President Bush's program. Some of the recovery and stimulus package that happened for most of '08 and '09 was from Bush.

I am basing that statement on my personal memory of the time as well as the generalized knowledge that congressional legislation go in affect either the following January or July after a session has ended. Unless the bill states other wise.  I would also like to pose this question publicly  If the President thought his legacy "Obamacare" was such a great bill and the great social bridge he made it sound. Why didn't he want it to start up during an election year? Some of it's starting this January, the rest takes affect the following year.

Well that's because he knows how to set him self up for a win win. If his great healthcare revolution doesn't make the nation sicker then he's good. However if it puts doctors out of business and makes sick people he'll already be elected and there will be little anyone can do at that point.

The true fear I have about a second term with this President is how nothing can and will be accomplished. He is going in as a lame duck president. President Obama has been the most divisive President in recent history. In my short time on this planet I can't think of another President that has split the nation to this degree. When was the last time a President has made so much of congress so made that they get less done than normal? The deserves repeating. The President has helped make congress feel justified in doing less than normal.

This is not good.

Please let me know how a rich lawyer college professor relates to the common folk?  According to Current TV documentary on him "Becoming Barrack" while he was commissioned to write a book about voting an civil rights, he realized. That he was just writing an autobiography.  When he was paid to write book about civil rights and the importance of the black vote. His research made him realized it was/ should be a book about him. He does not represent anything that helps poor people, the disenfranchised, unions, education or merit.

That is why I am going to cast my vote for Gary Johnson.

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